Starting a business

You are thinking about  establishing an R&D team   or  starting a tech business  but are afraid of all the impediments that might come?
Think of us as a servant leader who facilitates your growth on a different market.

Our sprints goals can be:

  1. Sourcing and recruitment activities
  2. Employer branding on the market of your interest
  3. Creating a cohesive team & supporting your team members onboard properly
  4. Aligning team with corporate culture & values
  5. Assuring proper team communication
  6. Active work on employee engagement and motivation
  7. Setting the recruitment and employee retention strategy
  8. Local HR operations management

We also have a network of established product owners for their field of expertise, such as:

  1. Legal services
  2. Accountant services
  3. Office rental
  4. Computer rental
  5. Public notary
  6. EU funds
  7. Translation services
  8. ...and other support you may need

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